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Holly Daniels Christensen, Founder of Dune Jewelry & Co., Releases First Book May 17, 2022 (0 comments)

Holly Daniels' book

Boston, MA--The Founder and CEO of Dune Jewelry & Co., Holly Daniels Christensen released her first book, titled "Happiness Comes in Waves."

As per the press release, Christensen, a former high school dropout is a well-respected, award-winning CEO, and she credits the healing power of the ocean for much of her success. The book is from Rock Point, an imprint of Quarto Publishing Group, and retails in the U.S. for $19.99 and in Canada for $25.00. It is also available on Amazon at

Happiness Comes in Waves provides life lessons filled with inspiring stories and quotations from the Dune community and ocean advocates — illustrated with photographs of the ocean, shorelines, and beaches. Each chapter is dedicated to a theme with chapters on being unstoppable, adventurous, creative, grounded, soulful and abundant.

"Above all, the ocean teaches us this: we are all connected," said Christensen, as per the press release.  "Everything we do echoes into the universe and even the smallest changes can build into positive momentum. Life is like the sea—it moves us, shapes us, supports us, and awakens us to new shores. And ultimately, life teaches us to be like water ourselves—strong yet calm, steady yet yielding, subtle yet beautiful."

The book includes beautiful snapshots from Dune's one-of-a-kind Sandbank, which holds sands and earth elements from thousands of iconic and memorable locations from around the world, with an index to identify where each featured sand texture comes from.

Read more in the entire press release.

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