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How Jewelry Retailers Can Drive Last-Minute Holiday Shoppers to Stores September 28, 2023 (0 comments)


New York, NY--The digital age's rise brought e-commerce to the forefront of retail. 

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However, as shipping costs soar, retailers are switching gears to drive last-minute holiday shoppers back to brick-and-mortar stores. 

The mantra is clear this festive season: in-store shopping can save on shipping fees and guarantees timely gift delivery.

According to a ModernRetail article, historically, retailers have set shipping cut-offs pre-Christmas, redirecting customers to physical stores post-deadline. 

The article noted that the trend intensified this year due to high demand for residential delivery, outpacing pre-pandemic levels. Postal services like USPS, UPS, and FedEx have raised their prices — USPS by 5.5% and both UPS and FedEx by 6.9%. 

Consequently, the popularity of free online shipping dwindles, with retailers upping the minimum purchase required for such a luxury. Narvar's data reveals a rise in this threshold from $52 in 2019 to $64 in the current year.

Fashion chain Francesca’s has historically informed online visitors about their last-order dates for December 25 deliveries. 

Post this cut-off, their focus shifts to driving in-store traffic through organic and paid marketing channels such as SMS, emails, and social media ads. This year, they’re considering generous discounts for physical store purchases to boost in-store shopping. 

Their plan includes leveraging their ambassador program, where these influencers will later in the season promote gift guides, nudging their followers towards store visits.

The article noted that Francesca’s CEO, Andrew Clarke, believes this tactic addresses their customer base's current financial challenges and fosters long-term relationships. 

Their loyalty program and flagship promotional events aim to give customers value during the gifting period.

Crate & Barrel Holding, with its expansive store network, promotes in-store pickup and local shipping. Mike Brewer, the company's COO, affirms the efficacy of store fulfillment, especially during high-demand periods like the holidays. 

They intend to highlight this option through marketing communications to those seeking quick product availability without the added shipping costs.

The article added that fresher retail brands are also weaving this strategy into their operational fabric. 

The jewelry e-commerce brand Aurate traditionally witnessed peak activity in October and November. However, their recent collaborations with Macy’s and Helzberg have expanded their reach. Sophie Kahn, Aurate’s CEO, views this extensive store presence as a boon. 

They now guide anxious mid-December online shoppers to their nearest Helzberg counters, ensuring timely order fulfillment and sidestepping steep express delivery fees. As Aurate expands its in-store availability, it plans to emphasize this advantage in its messaging.

The article further highlighted that inflation weighs heavily on consumer wallets this year. Retailers, in response, are playing their store cards to offer both convenience and value. 

Clarke's perspective encapsulates the prevailing sentiment: retailers are marketing their brick-and-mortar stores as the ultimate destination for holiday gifting solutions.

Learn more in the entire ModernRetail article.

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