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How Retail Salespersons are Becoming Social Media Influencers April 07, 2022 (0 comments)

Social Media Marketing

New York, NY--Imaging selling $150K worth of jewelry through Instagram without meeting the buyer — that's what Cesar Callejas did in 2012 for a Tiffany store.

A Modern Retail blog post talks about how Callejas, who had worked full time at a Tiffany store in Texas since 2010, earning most of his salary through commissions, decided to market jewelry products online. And when that piece sold, Callejas realized it was just a start.

Since then, he shared more jewelry pictures online. And when he finally quit his job to start his jewelry line, his social presence had reached a point where 30% of his sales came through Instagram.

Modern Retail writes that Tiffany realized the process was a success and circulated a memo to its employees to do the same. 

A decade has passed promoting products online has become commonplace. Salespersons still realize the value of marketing products on social media. Dan Hull, a senior affiliate and influencer manager at the influencer agency Silverbean, told Modern Retail that even the staff at beauty counters of promising businesses come with a social media following. 

Larger corporations, as per the article, are using a similar approach. Walmart, for instance, is releasing a new app to around 1.5 million U.S. workers, which will enable them to earn bonuses by promoting products sold at Walmart.

Read the complete article for more on how social influencers set up the retail industry. 

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