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How To Be Sure You’re Investing In The Right Sales Training April 16, 2015 (0 comments)


Scottsdale, AZ—When the time comes to invest in sales training for your store, how can you be sure you’re spending the money to get the right training? Do you simply hire one of the popular trainers, banking that their popularity means their methods are a proven success? Or is there a better way? 

According to an article on, regardless of whom you hire to do your training, three best practices can help you get the most from your investment:

1. Senior sales leadership (or manager) needs to communicate to the entire sales team why the organization is committing to the training. Everybody needs to recognize that the end purpose of the training is to help reach strategic goals.

2. Members of the sales team need to be engaged in crafting the training program. Select a small group to help customize the training program so that it fits your team’s particular needs.

3. Leadership must communicate how the sales training fits in with past and future training, and that it will help each salesperson do what they need to do to increase performance.

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