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How To Deal With An Exploding Customer September 30, 2015 (0 comments)


Merrick, NY—What retailer hasn’t had to deal with an angry customer who threatens to—or does—make a scene with loud, disruptive, or even abusive language?

A recent article in HR Daily Advisor, an online newsletter for human resources professionals, deals with the topic as it relates to employees. But the tips in its article, titled “Bambi vs. Godzilla—Dealing With Difficult Employees In The Workplace,” are equally valid for retailers to disarm a customer’s tantrum quickly.

The best strategy is to do exactly the opposite of what the exploding employee or customer would expect, says the article. Instead of getting defensive or shouting back, take out a notepad and write down all of their concerns. By doing so, you’re paying them the ultimate level of attention—which is what they’re seeking with the abusive behavior in the first place—and it also helps keep you calm and centered while throwing them off course.

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