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Jewelers Resource Center Is Now Live March 02, 2022 (0 comments)


New York, NY--The new Jewelers Resource Center launched Wednesday with its inaugural education presentation titled, “Is a Tsunami Coming? The Diamond Dilemma,” featuring an esteemed panel of diamond authorities to provide insider insight into the diamond market. Panelists will include Elliot Tannenbaum of Leo Schachter, Dave Meleski of The Richline Group (a Berkshire Hathaway Company), and Sue Rechner of WD Lab Grown Diamonds. The discussion will focus on industry issues, as well as external issues that spur volatility and impact diamond pricing. Additionally, they will discuss various diamond niche markets and the wave of change driven by the emergence of lab-grown diamonds and give thoughts on how a retailer can remain competitive and still maintain margin.

Upcoming webinars (all at 2:00 p.m. Eastern time on Wednesdays) will include: 

Additionally, visitors to the 3D, immersive and discoverable Plumb Club digital space should register to be eligible to participate in a fun scavenger hunt each week. Lucky winners will receive prizes and prize combinations such as: bottles of Dom Perignon champagne, Godiva “Pure Bliss” chocolate-filled baskets, facilitated in-store sales trainings, and expert website analysis and reporting. 

Register here now for seminars, prizes, and to take a tour, click here.

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