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Jewelry Marketing Ideas to Attract More Customers April 21, 2022 (0 comments)

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Vancouver, WA--Promoting jewelry has so much to do with connecting to the customers. This is why many jewelry ads feature solid emotions and the symbolism of jewelry.

With the U.S. being the world's leading jewelry consumer, it is essential that retail businesses cater their marketing strategy to specific audiences who might have individual reasons to purchase jewelry.

Kolau mentions three types of customers driving growth in the jewelry retail business: "New Money" consumers who like to show off their wealth, emerging market consumers who trust established brands, and young consumers who turn to brands to express themselves.

The Kolau article goes on to detail these marketing strategies and talks about the importance of targeting the right audience. It quotes a McKinsey research, stating that 35% of consumers look for jewelry in department stores, 31% in specialty stores, 24% in small businesses, and 30% shop online.

Talking about audience targeting, Kolau writes about the need to segment audiences to define marketing goals and develop effective plans. This process is effective because it not only sells the products but also creates a long-term relationship with the customers, who are likely to share their satisfaction with their network.

Another point is creating an emotive story. This is where significant occasions such as Valentine's Day or Mother's Day drive jewelry sales, as giving jewelry as a gift on these occasions have significance.

Read more on customer segmentation and other jewelry retail marketing ideas in the complete article.

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