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Jimmy DeGroot: How to Keep Employees Happy, Insights from National Retailer Magazine and Harvard Business Review February 06, 2024 (0 comments)


Green Bay, WI--We all fully understand that our success relies heavily on our employees' satisfaction and engagement. Happy employees not only deliver better customer service but also contribute to higher sales and a positive brand image. Here are some ways to can achieve a happier workplace:

Recognition and Appreciation - Employees often face challenging situations and high-pressure scenarios. Acknowledge their efforts, whether through verbal praise, small rewards, or formal recognition programs. This will boost morale and job satisfaction.

Harvard Business Review (HBR) supports this notion, suggesting that managers should foster a culture of gratitude. Employees who feel appreciated for their contributions, are more likely to be engaged and motivated to perform at their best.

Clear Communication and Transparency - Effective communication plays a crucial role in keeping happy employees. National Retailer Magazine recommends maintaining open channels of regular communication between management and staff. When employees understand the company's goals, strategies and even challenges, and understand their role in achieving them, they’re more likely to feel valued and connected.

Transparency in decision-making processes - Changes often occur. Leadership should be upfront about changes in policies, procedures or work schedules. Transparent communication helps to build trust, reduce anxiety and increase job satisfaction. 

Work-Life Balance - A healthy work-life balance is essential to prevent burnout. National Retailer Magazine emphasizes the need for flexible scheduling options, when possible, to accommodate employees’ personal commitments. Offering paid time off and ensuring reasonable working hours can go a long way in keeping employees happy. When they feel they have control over their work schedules and time off, they are more likely to stay motivated and committed.

Employee Development and Growth - Both National Retailer Magazine and Harvard Business Review emphasize the importance of investing in employee development and career growth. Providing training opportunities, career advancement paths, and mentorship programs can keep employees engaged and motivated to improve their skills. Stores should create a learning culture where the team, whether new or seasoned, are encouraged to acquire new skills and knowledge. Those that see a future within the organization are more likely to stay committed and motivated.

Wellbeing - Taking care of wellbeing is crucial for happiness. Offer whatever benefits you can afford like healthcare, wellness programs, and access to mental health resources. Additionally, providing a safe and comfortable work environment as well as personal space to work securely goes a long way. 

Let’s face it, the acquisition cost and learning curve for great people is tremendous. Let’s do everything we can to keep them with us and happy for many years to come.

James (Jimmy) DeGroot is a professional jewelry sales and operations trainer from the jeweler’s side of the counter. Having been in management and the jewelry business for over 20 years, Jimmy offers weekly training to jewelers nationwide via the Train Retail website. Jimmy is an AGS titleholder and specializes in training relevant and timely methods for jewelry teams. He can do a full training on making Bridal Presentations the best they can be, among many other regular training options. Contact Jimmy at or call 920-492-1191.

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