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Jimmy DeGroot: What Are You Going to do with Your Three Types of Customers This Year? December 28, 2023 (0 comments)


Green Bay, WI--You have three types of customers; the one standing right in front of you, the “here and now” customer, the “follow up” customer, the person who was in the store and for a sale to be successful, they require some follow up on your part, and finally there’s the “Potential customer.” This customer heard about you or they’re sitting in a restaurant right now, googling you, looking at your reviews, or maybe they’ve driven by and seen the store a hundred times or heard or saw your ad somewhere. 

So those are your customers. Now there are three types of team members in your store; the “sales professional,” the “service professional” and the “support professional.” If you want your sales professionals to be more successful in 2024, they must streamline their daily workflow to focus more highly on the three types of customers. Take a look at their daily tasks. Are they expected to do similar tasks your service team is doing? Think about how you can get your sales professionals to do more of the things they love, they’re good at, and frankly produce more sales. Now take a look at your service people. Are you giving them individual sales goals that they rarely hit? Is there a common attitude among the team that they’re “less than” because they don’t sell as much? If you let service and support staff focus on what they do best instead of trying to let everybody do a little of everything (and not very well I might add), your people will all do better work, sell more, service more and support more, and they’ll be happy.

One last note. Have your sales professionals focus on all three types of customers and as your store grows more in volume, integrate the service folks in with them to handle more of the follow-up customers.  If you have sales professionals who focus on creating sales and service professionals focusing on the details to make everything perfect, you’ll have a happy, harmonious staff and customer.

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