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JVC Announces Digital Guide To Marketing And Advertising Under FTC Guidelines June 17, 2020 (0 comments)


New York, NY--The Jewelers Vigilance Committee announces its most recent digital resource for marketing and advertising in the jewelry industry: Understanding the FTC Guidelines. JVC created this book to decipher the complex laws and regulations that govern the manufacture, sale, and advertising of jewelry, and help industry players develop their own compliant advertising and marketing practices. In plain language, the book explains the specific ways jewelers should word promotions, both online and in print. 

Sponsored by The Smithee Group, agrowth agency helping jewelry retailers and brands succeed in digital marketing and advertising, this expert-level, all-in-one book is available for free. Download here.

“The Federal Trade Commission writes the rules and tells our industry what is and isn't considered deceptive advertising in their efforts to protect the U.S. consumer. Most of the rules for how to advertise jewelry changed recently. The lawyers at the JVC read all the fine print so you don't have to. We are happy to present this easy to understand and fully up-to-date guide to advertising jewelry; it will be useful on a daily basis as you run your businesses,” said Tiffany Stevens, JVC president, CEO, and general counsel.

“The Smithee Group is excited to support and collaborate with the JVC on the release of this amazing resource for the jewelry industry. At a time where marketing, advertising, and content is crucial for success we want jewelers to have the right information in a very digestible format,” added Ben Smithee, The Smithee Group CEO.

“Without the support of our members and The Smithee Group, JVC’s work on projects like this one would not be possible. If you are not already a member, please join today and become part of a community aligned with ethics and integrity,” concluded Stevens. Visit for information on membership and additional educational resources and follow the organization on social media for ongoing tips and resources.

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