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Making A Facebook Video For Your Store? Make It For Mobile Devices January 04, 2017 (0 comments)


New York, NY—Planning to add a Facebook video to your digital marketing arsenal could be a worthwhile idea—jewelers do well with videos and Facebook marketing, so consider a combination of the two a winner—but if you are going to, make sure it is optimized for mobile viewing.

According to digital marketing consultants L2, media viewing habits have tilted towards mobile. As of now, 65% of digital media is consumed on mobile devices, and that shift is even more pronounced on Facebook. 92% of Facebook’s users access it via mobile devices, says L2—and more than half (57%) never use the platform’s desktop version.

To optimize a video for Facebook, think shorter, less reliant on sound, and designed for vertical viewing. Videos shorter than 15 seconds get nearly double the engagement rate of longer videos (30 to 59 seconds).

For jewelry, this is another plus, because sound is less important than visual when showing a product. Don’t worry about listing its specs, just tell viewers what it is “our spectacular one-of-a-kind 15 carat fancy yellow diamond ring” and let the beauty of the piece do the talking.   

Read L2’s entire article here.

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