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Making The Sale May 25, 2016 (0 comments)


New York, NY—In this Forbes article, “How the Best Salespeople Make the Sale,” photos are combined with short steps of how to make the sale. While a nice review for your more seasoned sales staff, it’s a great primer for new sales associates.

From “Reaching Out To New Prospects,” Paul Castain, a VP at Castain Training System says, “’Once you make the first call [or contact], find out their preferred way to communicate and use it throughout the rest of the process.’ It’s not just about how you reach out to the prospects, it’s also about when you do it.”

This is especially true of your jewelry clients. You need to know how to communicate with them. If they prefer texts, emails or phone calls; they certainly have a preference and ignoring it won’t get the sale. When as just as vital as what—your timing needs to match their schedule. Find out when the best time is to reach them and target the right time frame.

Paying attention to these small details will greatly increase your chances of making the sale.

Read the full story here. Top image: Forbes

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