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Mobile Tips For The Holiday Season November 09, 2016 (0 comments)


New York, NY—Holiday 2015 made history. Not so much because it was a blowout sales year, but because it was the first time more consumers shopped online than in-store.

Just as retailers were finally getting used to digital commerce, along came mobile commerce, which is proving to be an essential touchpoint retailers can’t afford to ignore. According to this article in Forbes, mobile presents a huge opportunity for retailers to attract, engage with, and reward customers. The article offers five important things retailers need to do to prepare for a successful holiday mobile shopping experience for customers:

1. Marry content with commerce. Rich media like videos and other content that tells a brand’s story should be consistent on desk, mobile, and in-store.

2. Provide instantaneous access to product information. Consumers expect response time to be within one second—not even the old three/ (It goes without saying they want to see prices, something jewelers are still getting comfortable with.)

3. Seamless checkout online and in-store. According to the Forbes article, some 40% of online sales are lost due to issues in the checkout process, namely because consumers balk at repeatedly entering login credentials and billing and shipping information. In store, consumers are known to walk away after two to three minutes in a checkout line.

4. Drive traffic and engage consumers. Every touch point should link back to the retailer’s native app.

5. Provide the full omnichannel experience. In other words, provide an outstanding experience online and instore.

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