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One Great Thing I Did Last Year (That You Can Do This Year): Update Your Store’s Atmosphere April 01, 2015 (0 comments)


Merrick, NY—In our ongoing series titled One Great Thing I Did Last Year (That You Can Do This Year)," The Centurion asks retailers to tell us about one outstanding thing they did in 2014 that turned out really well. This week, Steven Goldfarb of Alvin Goldfarb Jeweler, Bellevue, WA, shares his insight.

"This last year I took inspiration from the bigger brands I carry," said Goldfarb. "For the last two years it has clearly been important to them to control the atmosphere in which their products are featured.  The watch companies have invested a lot in new display, case work, and in some instances, entire rooms devoted with their brand image."

Goldfarb took this attitude towards his entire store, not just one category. He wanted to put his store's best face forward for each customer who walked through the store.

"I took a critical look at the overall impressions clients receive when they visit my store the first time. We created new cases, improved the lighting, replaced old fixture, and CLEANED OFF THE COUNTERS."

Cleaning off the counters was critical. "We had slipped into some comfortable habits which served us, but not our clients," admitted Goldfarb.

The end result? "I am thrilled with the results and my co-workers all have an even greater sense of pride in the store."

See The Centurion's retailer profile on Alvin Goldfarb Jeweler for more background. 

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