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Plumb Club Wraps 2020 Podcasts With Technology Topics For Sales And More December 16, 2020 (0 comments)


New York, NY—The Plumb Club newly-added December podcasts focus on technology as a topic, addressing it from three perspectives: customer experience, omnichannel marketing, and production. Two topics are designed to help retailers tell both their product and brand stories, and a special third podcast addresses technology in jewelry production, helping to further both retailer and manufacturer understanding of extruded tubing and machine setting. 

The three podcasts are:

The Digital Transformation: A company’s digital footprint—a must for business—impacts how it is perceived by potential customers. Derek Kristopher, associate director of marketing for S.D.C Designs, one of the largest manufacturers and distributors in the American market, helps retailers understand their company’s digital footprint. He goes through the various touchpoints that can impact customer perception and provides excellent tips on how to review it, manage it, develop it, and improve it. Further, he provides an omnichannel perspective and ideas on how to augment perception by providing a virtual customer experience. 

Maximizing The Experience: Brian Howard, vice president of sales and marketing for Shah Luxury, illustrates the importance of augmenting the customer experience by integrating technology into a presentation. He discusses how hologram technology and virtual “Try It On” features help alleviate consumer concerns and ease purchase decisions by building confidence and demonstrating what pieces look like from various perspectives, and how they will look when being worn. 

Understanding The Benefits Of Extruded Tubing and Machine Setting: Steven Lerche, vice president of sales and operations for Goldstar Jewellery manufacturing company, clarifies the processes of extruded tubing and machine setting, and how these methods differ from casting and hand setting. He highlights the features and benefits of both techniques, discusses the precision and uniformity of machine setting, and helps correct some commonly held misconceptions about the process.  

The Plumb Club adds podcasts monthly to provide strategies, knowledge, and immediately actionable steps that will help retailers across a variety of business areas. All are available on The Plumb Club website under the “Resources” tab:

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