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Post-COVID Store Reopening Strategy for Retailers May 11, 2022 (0 comments)

Store reopening

New York, NY--Government mandates to stay indoors are lifted, and more stores are opening after the pandemic. Reopening a store can be a tactical move, and there's so much thought to go into the strategy around store reopening.

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Deloitte notes in a report that COVID-19 has had a 'profound and unprecedented' impact on individuals. Thus businesses must re-examine several aspects of their operation before they reopen. 

Businesses must look at how their customers have evolved during and after the lockdowns. Is there something new that they've been expecting? Have their shopping priorities changed?

It is also essential for businesses to re-examine their brand value: their brand's purpose, the most effective way to serve their customers, and what they need to do to stay relevant.

For businesses, looking at their product offering is also an important step. Jewelry store owners must look at whether demands for certain products have increased or decreased following the pandemic. Another critical step is safety. Businesses must ensure that they implement strict COVID-19 protocols to ensure maximum safety for their employees and customers. 

Read more in the entire Deloitte report.

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