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Sales Turkeys: The Top 10 “Don’ts” Of Selling November 21, 2017 (0 comments)


Medina, OH—In honor of Thanksgiving, here is a list of true sales turkeys, or The Top 10 Sales Don’ts To Avoid At All Costs, as defined by Small Business Trends. (Spoiler alert: at least one is something you’ve probably been told you should do!). Here they are, counting down from least to most offensive:

10. Don’t hand your business card to everyone you meet. Do, however, ask for theirs and send a note that it was nice to meet them.

9. Don’t prospect by email. Prospecting is different than email marketing (which you should do), so learn the difference.

8. Don’t pitch on LinkedIn. This is a place to build relationships and/or position yourself as an industry expert, not a sales floor.

7. Don’t connect to people just to sell to them. If you spot a potential client, find a mutual connection and ask for an introduction.

6. Don’t run over your 30-second elevator speech. Figure out how to communicate your value and results in 30 seconds or less and stick to it.

5. Do not lie. Self explanatory.                                             

4. Don’t overpromise. Better to be realistic than go overboard to get the sale and under-deliver.

3. Don’t tell everything you do. People only want to know how you can solve their problem, not everything else.

2. Don’t sit around waiting for people to call you (or come into the store.) Sales is a verb, says the article.

1. And the number-one rule? Don’t sell. To find out why, read more here.

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