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Score More Sales: Position Yourself As Influencer And Advisor July 30, 2015 (0 comments)


Portsmouth, NH—Sales consultant and author Lori Richardson of Score More Sales suggests a proven way to increase sales is to do an audit of your messaging, and position yourself less as a salesperson and more as an influencer and advisor.

For a fine jewelry salesperson, this makes sense. Your customers are looking to you to provide suggestions for jewelry style trends, timeless gifts and, of course, great value.

Start by looking at the last five emails you’ve sent to customers or prospects, says Richardson. Are they “us” focused—featuring product or your company—or are they focused on the customer and what will help them?

The bottom line for sellers, she says, is that buyers don’t need information—they can find that online.  What they need is insight, which is the unique thing you can provide.

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