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Six Questions That Sell Engagement Rings |  August 14, 2019 (0 comments)


Tampa, FL--If you have ever been in love, close your eyes for a minute and reflect on these memories:

If you did this activity, I have just moved you into your emotional memory. This is also called “reframing.” In order to successfully sell more engagement rings, being able to reframe customers and move them into their emotional memory is critical before moving into a discussion of product.

Remember, people don’t buy what you do. They buy why you do it. Feelings of love are your WHY!

Music and movies do this to us. Celine Dion singing “My Heart Will Go On” perfectly capped off the love story of the motion picture Titanic. People leaving the theater were reframed from the negative emotions about the shipwreck they were feeling upon entering the theater.

Many couples have “their song.” Great performers understand that people don’t go to a concert to hear them sing. They go to feel the emotion of their story telling. The ultimate complement to a singer is when someone says, “I felt as if he/she was singing right to me through the whole concert.”

Back to selling! On the way to the store to purchase an engagement ring together, couples may have had an argument. He may be nervous about the price. She may be concerned about liking a ring that may be out of his budget. A thousand things are going through their minds. Once you have “connected” with them and they are ready to begin the hunt for the perfect ring, STOP! Spend a few minutes moving them into their emotional brain by asking fun, non-invasive, comfortable-to-answer questions about the beginnings of their relationship.

This step reframes them in preparation of moving them into their logical brain, which we call “Creating Value.”

Do this today: Ask all couples searching for an engagement ring some of the questions listed above. Top image ring: Forevermark by Imagine Bridal.

Terry Sisco is CEO of Exsellerate, Inc., funny-maker, uplifter, mischief maker, father. Exsellerate has revolutionized retail sales training and made it "entertrainment," given it a millennial voice, made it ridiculously easy to learn on-demand style through social media platforms, and given sales consultants a sense of community, purpose, and the tools to crush their sales. Like us at, call us at 813-787-7355, email at, and visit us at

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