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Six Small Business New Year’s Resolutions January 18, 2017 (0 comments)


Medina, OH—While chances are many people’s personal New Year’s resolutions are already on a downhill slide (especially those that involve giving up either chocolate or pasta!), there’s still time to make resolutions for your business.

An article in, an online resource for small business owners and entrepreneurs, highlights six important resolutions to help your business grow in 2017. They are:

  1. Find the right technology partner and build a relationship. Look for providers with complete solutions, not just a one-off product, and ask other local colleagues for recommendations.
  2. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly. Especially important for retailers as more and more consumers shop on the go, this includes responsive design (when your site recognizes the kind of device being used to access it and puts up the appropriate version accordingly), SEO to ensure your site is easily found, and using tools like Google Keyword Planner or WordTracker to find the right keywords to move your visibility up.
  3. Fight ransomware by backing up your data. Hacking isn’t just for global cybercriminals or personal ID theft. More and more small to midsize businesses have been hit with ransomware—nasty viruses that encrypt business files and render them useless until a ransom (average amount, $2,500) is paid. Protect yourself with high quality—and frequent--backup of relevant customer data or business files.
  4. Learn something new. If you want to remain competitive, you have to remain sharp, so continually expand your own skill set.
  5. Specialize, specialize, specialize! A great way to stand out is to stop trying to be all things to all people and focus on the key areas where your business shines.
  6. Get on top of your financial situation and stay there. Digging into the minutiae of your business’s finances can reveal opportunities to save money, increase efficiency, and grow margins. Whether it’s renegotiating with utility providers or finding more competitive suppliers, there probably are places you can realize savings. Here are some jewelry-industry tips for doing it too.

Read the full Small Business Trends article here.

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