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Swarovski’s Digital Evolution: Pioneering Omnichannel Retail Strategies May 02, 2023 (0 comments)


Jersey City, N.J.--Swarovski is embracing omnichannel retail strategies to provide personalized, high-quality experiences to customers. 

[Image via Swarovski]

Dr. Lea Sonderegger, Swarovski's Chief Digital and Information Officer, highlighted in a Forbes report the LUXignite strategy to consolidate the brand's position in the luxury segment while expanding its presence in the fine jewelry market.

According to the report by Forbes, Swarovski adopted RISE with SAP and SAP Commerce Cloud solutions to transition its digital backbone and e-commerce landscape to the cloud, enhancing efficiency and reducing costs. The brand's clienteling solution is built upon a 360-degree view of the customer, emphasizing the establishment of meaningful relationships.

The company's long history of innovation has been crucial to its success, with founder Daniel Swarovski's patented electric cutting machine revolutionizing crystal production. Swarovski has been committed to sustainability since its early days, utilizing renewable hydroelectricity for its operations.

The report notes that looking ahead, Swarovski is prepared for digital challenges, such as the shift away from third-party cookies. The company's platform ensures readiness for these challenges, viewing them as essential to its omnichannel strategy. As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to play a significant role in retail, Swarovski focuses on the ethical use of AI to support individual creativity, enhance decision-making processes, and accompany customers without overwhelming them.

With a 40-year partnership with SAP, Swarovski aims to remain at the forefront of addressing current and future challenges in the luxury retail industry.

Click here to learn more in the report by Forbes.

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