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The Modern Day Sales Presentation: Seeing Your Sales Presentation in a Whole New Light |  January 22, 2015 (0 comments)


Tallahassee, FL—Over the past two years it has been an honor to share my message of Modern Day Selling. Building on those ideas, my newest series is titled “The Modern Day Sales Presentation.”

Let’s begin by understanding where we have been. For years, sales presentation training has been based on the concepts of greeting, asking open-ended questions, highlighting features and benefits, overcoming objections, and closing the sale. For many years it provided a more efficient way to sell.

But by the end of this series you will gain knowledge and skills to sell your customers even more efficiently and effectively. If you live by my motto, “Success is found when you take what is good and make it great,” then you will have the potential to become a leader.

First, learn to rewire your thought process. Your customer is now your boss and they have the power to give you their business or take it elsewhere. You as a sales associate are working for your customer as well as your company.

Secondly, you are there to serve your customer as well as entertain them. Every customer should be treated with the same enthusiasm, excitement and passion. If you truly want to be successful, stop sizing up your customer based on buying potential. The trick is to build a LARGE and loyal customer base. When your customer realizes that you are looking out for their best interest, the sales process becomes very easy and often effortless. People respond to loyalty. Using this approach, you’ll find few major objections after the bonds of trust and communication have been established.

And last but not least, your sales presentation doesn’t have to be a marathon. Most of my sales only take a few minutes once I have established trust and created loyalty with my customer. This is created by having a great understanding of who the Modern Day Customer really is. As homework, I encourage you to read The Four Basic Customer Types series that can be found on my website or on the Centurion news website here, here, here, and here. Within this five part series you will begin to see your customer in a whole new light.  

Modern Day Selling offers the freshest new insight in jewelry sales training designed to help sales associatse achieve greater success. As a yearly million-dollar-plus sales associate for the past eight years, Brian Barfield practices what he preaches on finding success based on the core principles of trust, honest and integrity. He is a two time published author whose insight is being recognized around the world. For more information or in-store training, visit his website or email

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