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Top-Tier Shopify Jewelry Outlets: A Guide to Their Design Approach June 12, 2023 (0 comments)


Los Angeles, CA--Shopify is a popular platform for jewelry retailers to sell products online, so it becomes essential for retailers to have a sense of good design and keep in check with what others are doing.

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A Lit extension report looks at some jewelry brands and retailers utilizing Shopify well to sell online and discusses the themes they use for their websites. 

Jewelry brand King Ice integrates popular culture into its accessory business. They use Shopify's Symmetry theme to showcase their vast accessories while maintaining excellent customer service. Their social media campaigns and collaborations have elevated their brand awareness and standing. GLDN, RoseGold and Black, The GLD Shop, Girls Crew, and Frasier Sterling are other jewelry stores exhibiting intense social media usage.

According to the Lit extension report, Missoma, another powerhouse in the Shopify jewelry market, presents an alluring array of mix-and-match accessories using the Prestige Shopify theme. Numerous Shopify fashion outlets favor this theme's visual appeal and navigation ease. Missoma's dynamic marketing, including an informative blog and a solid social media presence, contribute to its success. Other stores using the Prestige theme include Clock and Colours, Cernucci, CRAFTD London, Nominal, and Manssion.

The report noted that Miansai, another jewelry brand, offers high-end handcrafted jewelry from premium materials like 14k or 18k gold. They've customized their Shopify theme to create a unique and dynamic storefront. Other Shopify outlets utilizing custom themes for exclusive interfaces are PDPaola, AMYO Jewelry, Karma and Luck, La Garconne, and Uncommon James.

As per the report, Victoria Emerson, a Shopify jewelry brand, focuses on everyday jewelry, offering a variety of styles. Their Shopify Broadcast theme facilitates high-volume transactions, while their blog and active social media pages encourage customer engagement. Other Shopify outlets with informative blogs are Stone and Strand, Tiny Rituals, Frost NYC, Adinas, and Elevated Fate.

Cherry Diva, a UK-based brand, is a prime example of a successful Shopify store shipping internationally. From sourcing global boho accessories, Cherry Diva has grown into manufacturing their line while maintaining affordability and global accessibility. Other international shipping Shopify jewelry stores include Kinn, Aurate, E&E Project, Nialaya, and Moon Magic.

The report noted that you should choose a suitable Shopify theme for your brand identity. Build brand awareness through collaborations and social media presence. SEO-optimized content can boost your brand's visibility. Email marketing can be profitable for jewelry stores to keep customers engaged. Customer reviews can enhance trust and loyalty, affecting purchasing decisions.

Learn more in a Lit extension report.

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