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Understanding The Middle Performers |  April 16, 2015 (0 comments)


Austin, TX—Don’t believe that middle sales performers are not motivated. The typical misconception is that the middle lacks the drive to be top sales performers. The fact is, this group is competent and capable; many are former top performers, but perhaps have stepped back for a variety of life-related reasons (it happens to all of us). For some who are newer in their roles, they simply may not yet have developed the instincts, skills, and necessary experience required to focus their efforts.

This larger and diverse group has enormous potential and sales managers need to be clear on which type of middle performers they have to accurately set the stage for behavioral change. The key with this group is you need to make sure they welcome feedback and coaching, and those that might be less experienced are hungry to learn. Recognizing these demographics will help to prioritize initiatives to better support them.

Overall, the “middle” plays an integral role in supporting a company’s culture and they can bring substantial sales when properly developed, managed and influenced. While it is likely that a few middle performers simply do not have any more to give, most of them have unrecognized potential.

What the middle needs is not just incentives, but targeted and daily guidance. Similar to onboarding new sales team members, getting the middle engaged in the selling process with real-time coaching and training reinforcement can help make the difference.

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Pat Henneberry. Top image:

Pat Henneberry, founder of The Jewelry Coach, was recently named vice president of global learning for Hearts On Fire. With more than 30 years’ experience, Henneberry is one of the diamond world’s top trainers, having helped build multiple brands for the jewelry industry. She spent 10 years with DeBeers’ Diamond Promotion Service, where she helped launched new brands, worked on national ad campaigns like "A Diamond is Forever,” and helped retail jewelers build their diamond business. While there, she was the proud recipient of the Diamond Symphony Award by Diamond Promotion Service and DeBeers. Later, she was part of the Hearts On Fire international training team, where she traveled the world teaching retail jewelers how to sell diamonds and grow their business. Her firm The Jewelry Coach is about building positive principals for self-improvement and personal jewelry sales development, and offers an online 24/7 sales training community. 

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