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Video: The Art, Science, and Mathematics of a Major Sale Event October 07, 2020 (0 comments)


Miami, FL--Running a major sale event is part art, part science, and part mathematics. This is true for all seasons, but even more important during a pandemic. 

The art comes from the creativity necessary to assess individual situations and craft a plan that will work best for each jeweler. The science comes from the decades of experience in knowing the formula that will work for sales of great magnitude. The mathematics comes from the years of collecting and comparing data from a host of stores and business situations.

Among the mistakes jewelers make is to run a sale of their own or to run discounts repeatedly in a desperate attempt to move merchandise. Discounting on a continuous basis confuses customers and makes them wary when you finally decide to run a serious merchandise reduction event. The bottom line is, those mini-sales work against you, says Jeff Gordon, president of The Gordon Co., which specializes in inventory-reduction sale events as well as going-out-of-business and other events.

Gordon says clients are often amazed at the formula combining art, science, and mathematics needed for a successful sale event. He says he often hears comments such as, “I never thought to run that type of advertising,” or “How did you know the sign walkers would work so well?”

“If you are considering a major sale event, we urge you not to try it on your own,” says Gordon. “We have the expertise and experience to do it right, while protecting your brand image and reputation, and generating more cash than you could imagine. It’s all part of the art, science, and mathematics of running a major sale event.”

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