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Sales Strategy

Want To Increase Revenue? Let Salespeople Spend More Time Selling April 29, 2015 (0 comments)


Sacramento, CA—When evaluating a salesperson’s performance, the bottom line is the bottom line: the measurement that matters most is how much they sell.

One way to help boost how much your sales team can sell is to boost the time they have in which to sell it. An article on says the more time you can free your sales staff from non-sales tasks, the more time they can devote to what you hired them to do: make money for you.

Your sales staff has only the number of hours in which you’re open and they work to sell, so according to the article, it’s in everyone’s best interests to let them spend as much of that time as possible selling. While there are always tasks that need to be done and downtime in which they can be done, set a goal to cut back the non-sales tasks by at least an hour a day. It’s not just the time spent on the other tasks, says the article, it’s also the distraction of jumping from task to task.

Read more here, and also see how one jeweler hired someone to handle the busywork and free up sales time. 

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