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Why Social Media Shouldn’t Be Your Only Sales Strategy February 19, 2023 (0 comments)


New York, NY--Relying solely on social media to grow a retail business can be risky. So it makes sense to have multiple pieces of the same puzzle to grow a brand. 

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A great example would be popular brands — they are everywhere. They have a website with powerful marketing campaigns providing excellent service.

Social media is just one part of a larger business strategy. To ensure it pulls it works well, you must also have other pieces in place. 

Here are three essential components to consider, as per a report: 

A website designed for conversion — a website that needs to be designed to convert is just an expensive business card. Ensure your website is intuitive and easy to navigate, with powerful landing pages, solid SEO, and strong communication that answers the five "W"s. 

An ever-growing email list — while social media followings are great, you don't own them. An email list is a powerful tool because it's full of people seriously considering investing in your product or service, and their details are yours to keep. 

Shameless self-promotion — building trust takes time, and it takes multiple touchpoints to move people from being vaguely interested in taking action. Use a mix of virtual and in-person meetings, public appearances, and to put yourself out there. Remember to repurpose any media placements to maximize their impact. 

Investing in these critical areas can go a long way in building an effective brand presence. Learn more about this in the entire report.

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