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10 Retailers’ Instagram Posts Highlight Happy Customers |  July 17, 2020 (0 comments)


Merrick, NY--Wouldn’t it be great if your Instagram posts could feature your actual customers wearing your actual jewelry and then they would help spread the word? Turns out, it’s actually easy to do. Click through to check out posts by 10 Retailers including Bremer Jewelry, Cathy Eastham,Gerald Peters,Hildgund Jewelers, James Free Jewelers, Longs Jewelers, Meritage Jewelers, Reis-Nichols Jewelers, Shetler Fine Jewelers and Tivol.

Obviously you need your customer’s permission to post the news — along with a sincere congratulations from you/your company/their salesperson/etc.— but for most people, that’s an easier ask today than it was a few years ago.

Ensure you have permission. Make sure your customers are ready to share the news and are comfortable with it. Then ask them if they have a photo they prefer you’d use. As you can see from the samples below, many customers have their own engagement photos, taken during or right after the proposal. If not, a quick pic from inside the store, showcasing the ring and the happy couple will make this an easy project.

And it’s not just for engagement rings, although that’s what is shown most often these days. It could be for a birthday, a self-purchase milestone for men or women, or a gorgeous purchase just because. The more you post, the more you can help spread the word in a cost-effective post that will likely get shared, tagged and liked by your customers and their friends.

Scroll on down to see what your peers are up to with their Instagram images showcasing newly engaged couples. Click here to view the original Instagram post from each jeweler: Bremer JewelryCathy Eastham Fine JewelryGerald PetersHildgundJames Free JewelersLongs JewelersMeritage JewelersReis-Nichols JewelersShetler Fine JewelryTIVOL

For more ideas for posts and anything internet related, don’t forget to visit, helping jewelers succeed online. 

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