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Hauser’s Jewelers Celebrates 125-Year Milestone June 19, 2023 (0 comments)


Newport News, VA--Hauser's Jewelers, a family-owned business, is in its 125th year. The owners, Amy and Brad Hart, took over from Amy's parents, Lee and Vicki Hauser, in 2014. Stationed at 701 Mariners Row, Suite 108, City Center at Oyster Point, the owners are observing the special anniversary with special festivities for the rest of 2023.

[Image via Hauser's Jewelers]

According to a Peninsula Chronicle report, the business's heritage traces back to Amy's great-great-grandfather, Alfred Jacob Hauser Sr., a French emigre who, after his watchmaker apprenticeship in Switzerland, landed in New York in 1871 and began his tenure at Tiffany & Co. After marrying Belle Page, the couple migrated to Newport News and opened the first watch repair shop.

The report noted that Hauser's business journey continued to evolve, from a watch repair shop downtown Newport News to the renowned Hauser's Fine Jewelry in Hilton Village, then in the Hidenwood Shopping Center, all in the hands of the Hauser lineage. By 1986, Vicki and Lee Hauser formally adopted the business name after Alfred Hauser retired. The business has since moved to the Coliseum Shopping Center and, finally, returned to its origins at the City Center at Oyster Point in Newport News.

The Harts coordinate various events honoring their rich history and skilled expertise. "We're going to be holding monthly events for the rest of the year to celebrate our 125th anniversary," said Amy Hart, per the report. Among the planned festivities was a pre-owned Rolex Watch event on June 16 and 17, in time for Father's Day.

As per the report, the store is set to host an estate-buying event, an estate-selling event, a Lika Behar Trunk Show, and a Roberto Coin Trunk Show. Amy also hinted at special events in October and December.

"It's long been established that jewelry is a symbol of love and adornment," said Amy, per the report. "We believe that this symbol should be as far from ordinary as possible, which is why we show the importance of good design. We believe in love and a love for others."

Learn more in the entire Peninsula Chronicle report.

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