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Jewelry Store Burglars Steal $500,000 Through Rooftop Entry June 19, 2023 (0 comments)

Fairfield Township burglary

Fairfield Township, OH--A burglary unfolded in Fairfield Township as suspects stole approximately $500,000 worth of jewelry and cash from a local store.

[Point of entry for the burglars; image via WLWT]

According to a WLWT report, the suspects ascended to the rooftop and used power tools to break into the establishment.

Per the report, a drone provided an aerial view of the crime scene, revealing a precise cut made by the thieves, akin to a firefighter's emergency entrance. It appears they meticulously avoided motion detectors, moving low to the ground in a manner described by the store owner, Bestola, as "snake-like."

The burglars successfully stole multiple cases, leaving no trace behind. The scope of the loss is huge, from valuable jewelry to important documentation, according to the report.

The report noted that the Fairfield Township police acknowledged the method, stating that this incident aligns with similar cases. The department is collaborating with other agencies to find the suspects.

As per the article, the owner's monetary loss is substantial and deeply affecting, as he does not possess any insurance. He plans to liquidate personal assets, including a car and a house, to compensate for his losses.

The article noted that the police remain resolute in apprehending the culprits and ensuring the plot's climax deviates from its Hollywood script, leading to arrests rather than a successful getaway.

Learn more in the entire WLWT article.

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