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45 Years in Jewelry Retail, This Napa Store Owner With an Eye for Trends Continues Bringing Smiles June 21, 2022 (0 comments)

Lucia and Maria, of River Park Jewelers

Napa, CA--Lucia Shook's familiarity with the jewelry retail business spans 45 years. And now that she recalls the journey in an interview with a media outlet as the owner of River Park Jewelers, she'd have much to be grateful for, especially her smooth transition from an employee to owner.

[Main image source: Lucia and Maria, via River Park Jewelers]

“I started at Meyers Jewelry in Vallejo,” Shook says in the interview with the outlet. “That’s where I met Bob Moelk and came to work with him at his Napa store, River Park Jewelers, in 1997."

Shook remembers Moelk as being easy to work with. But he was a man who tamed insecurities. 

"When he said he was going to retire, I didn’t know what to do because employers mostly want to hire young people. I asked him if he would sell me the store," she said, per the report. 

Moelk talked to his wife, Claudia, and the store. Shook has owned the store since 2005.

Little to change

Shook's not too comfortable with making changes around the business, which she's largely left untouched post the transfer of ownership, as reported by the outlet.

“People don’t like change,” she said in the report. “It’s not fancy, but clean. We welcome everybody, sit down and talk to them. If it wasn’t for my repeat customers, I wouldn’t still be here. They’re very nice and I’m very grateful for all they do.”

[Image source: River Park Jewelers]

Shook's found a friend in her sister, Maria Pacheco, who's been assisting customers for 17 years. 

These years at the store have seen Shook putting together many pieces. “I first draw out the design on paper and have a person who then makes it. I only sell designs that I like," she speaks of the process and her love for putting things like necklaces together.

An eye for trend

Shook knows what's selling. “For engagement rings, people always want oval or princess cut," she says, per the report. "Diamond anniversary bands that go above or below the wedding ring are popular. Tennis bracelets are another favorite present.”

Lab-grown diamonds sell well too. Shook's not sure how they are made, but she agrees that they are popular.

Shook also has advice for birthday gifts such as earrings and pendants. Her presents have almost always worked. The proof's a little observation. "When you give someone a gift, have them unwrap it in front of you," she says in the interview. "Look at their face, not the gift, when they open it. Their expression will tell you if they like it. I’ve been lucky in that most people are happy with their presents.”

Read more in the entire report.

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