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5 Steps to your Best Mother’s Day Ever! |  April 18, 2018 (1 comment)


Omaha, NE—Mother’s Day can be a terrific opportunity to generate sales. This is not an event to approach half-heartedly. To maximize sales, however; you will need to have a great marketing campaign and plenty of the right product. Follow these five steps to make your store The Destination to celebrate Mother’s Day.

1. Select product (one to three items) to feature and promote via your marketing and advertising vehicles. It should be perceived as a fantastic value and resonate with your customers. Example: A sterling silver necklace with one engravable tag for $49. Your sweet spot in terms of price points of a Mother’s Day gift ranges from $50 to $250. Depending on your store, you might start at $25 or go as high as $1,000. One of the hottest trends right now — necklaces and bracelets that are customizable and personalized — often celebrates family and motherhood, which plays perfectly to Mother’s Day.

2. Advertise heavily featuring/describing your featured product(s), emphasizing the value and price point. Whether you use direct mail, print, radio, TV or social media, be aggressive — there really is no better gift for Mother’s Day than jewelry. Social media would be ideal for a contest for an essay about motherhood; the top 10 entries win your featured product. Monitor your sales daily, make sure you have sufficient product (have your vendor shelve stock for immediate shipment), and if you run out, find a substitute that your customer will be pleased with.

3. Have plenty of step-ups or add-ons. Using our example: additional silver tags for each child, tags with a pink sapphire for a girl and a blue sapphire for a boy, versions of the necklace in white or yellow gold, longer or heavier chains, matching bracelets. Train your sales associates how to suggest them in a way that is relaxed and fun.

4. Tie in your featured product selection into your in-case display — think emotional and heartwarming. In simple silver frames, display black-and-white photographs of women wearing the product — use approachable-looking women in a range of ages, engaged in a variety of motherhood activities — such as gardening, cooking, working at a PC, holding a baby, exercising or running errands. The look honors the versatility and multitasking of today’s mother.

5. Make your customer’s life easy by providing a Mother’s Day card and a gift bag/ wrapping. Or consider a free gift like a jewelry travel pouch or a box of truffle chocolates. I like the idea of a re-useable gift bag with whimsical graphics relating to mothers (think Trader Joe bags) ideal for carrying her lunch to work.

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