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5 Tips for Virtual Selling |  November 09, 2021 (0 comments)


Key Largo, FL--In Q1 of 2021, Signet Jewelers had over 450,000 virtual interactions company-wide. If those numbers don’t prove there is a demand and want for virtual interactions, I don’t know what does.

So how as a manufacturer or brand are you accommodating your retail buyers with virtual interactions and doing it successfully?

 5 Virtual Selling Tips

Below I've listed 5 tips to consider when virtual selling.

1. Sell yourself before the product. Just as retailers must break the ice when consumers come into the showroom you need to do the same with the retail buyer when they enter the zoom room. Compliment them on their virtual background or maybe what they’re wearing. Whatever you do, don't immediately start selling.

2. You have 2 minutes or less to grab the attention of the buyer when sharing the story of your company and you. Most buyers want to know 3 things quickly. Who are you, what do you do, and why should I care? Please don’t use the “We are a manufacturer out of New York and sell semi-mounts. Buyers need more semi-mounts like we need more holes in our heads. Make powerful statements that are a solution to their current problems such as we have a 4-day turnaround or we have a custom retail calculator to quote custom jobs in front of a consumer at retail pricing.

3. Be prepared with beautiful high-res images of your product and have marketing creative available to show the multitude of your collectors available.

4. If you cannot close them over zoom and the objection is they want to touch, inspect, and feel the pieces offer to ship what interests them for review following the call.

5. Use your hands for silent expressions such as giving a thumbs up if you agree or do a soft hand clap when congratulating them. Whatever you do, make it enjoyable and fun!

Feel free to comment on this article or also share your tips or successes of virtual selling on our LinkedIn at

Megan Crabtree is the founder and CEO of Crabtree Consulting. Before founding Crabtree Consulting, Megan had a successful professional career in the jewelry industry, which culminated with high-level positions at several of the top firms in the retail and manufacturing sectors. Reach her at or visit where you can set up a live chat or a 30-minute free consultation.

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