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European Start-Up Tracemark Offers Brands Credibility through ‘Traceability’ August 31, 2021 (0 comments)


Córdoba, Spain--The recently launched Tracemark technology service aims to support consumer demand for full disclosure about what is in a jewelry product as well as the the sustainable and ethical nature of the product.

The company claims it is the first in the world to provide complete, certified traceability for a piece of jewelry and all its materials, from their origin all the way to the point of sale, turning it into an interactive, mobile-first, experience for consumers.

Now Coming to the US

European brand C'est Moi Jewels is among those companies already using the service, which debuted in the US during Las Vegas jewelry week in late August, in line with Tracemark's desire to now also support US jewelry brands.

“We realized that whereas sustainability is a must-have these days, not everything that claims to be sustainable is quite as it seems,” explained Tracemark founder and CEO, Berta Serret. “Sustainability is here to stay,” she said. “Consumers are asking for sustainable products, shareholders are asking for investment in sustainability, and brands are fighting for sustainability credentials.

“We realized that in our sector, to really talk about sustainability, we must talk about traceability,” added Serret.

According to a Tracemark release, it is important to know where a product comes from, its origin, its history and inspiration, and to capitalize on all the value that lies behind each beautifully-crafted piece of jewelry. Moreover, increasingly conscience-driven consumers are now asking for this kind of information to distinguish between hard-won commitments to sustainability and shallow marketing campaigns. Recent studies such as IBM’s 2020 Consumers driving change, show that 73% of consumers consider the traceability of a product to be “very important” and 71% would pay more in order to know this traceability information.

How Tracemark Process Works

The release further detailed how the process works:

Tracemark certifies traceable and responsibly-sourced natural diamonds, as well as lab-grown alternatives, and the use of ethical, recycled and traceable gold and silver.

Through proprietary software, the Transparent Tracking System or TTS, Tracemark compiles and encrypts all traceability information making it available, securely, to an independent external auditor. The auditor verifies that all traceability information and sustainability credentials are authentic across the entire supply chain. Furthermore, Tracemark’s platform then turns this information into an interactive, tangible and mobile-first experience for consumers, inviting them to discover the journey and the storytelling that differentiates their Tracemarked piece of jewelry on its bespoke digital traceability panel, easily accessible both through a QR code packaged with the jewel (see images above and below) and a unique alphanumeric code engraved on the piece itself.

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