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Adlers Jewelers Celebrates 100 Years; Kicks Off Year Of Promotions With Tacori Scratch Cards March 22, 2021 (1 comment)


Westfield, NJ—Adlers Jewelers, a third-generation guild jeweler, is celebrating its centenary in 2021.

The roots of the store began in 1921 in Linden, NJ, when Maurice Adler, a well-known trade jeweler and diamond expert, did a favor for a neighbor by selling him a diamond ring. Word quickly spread among Adler’s many neighbors and friends, and he quickly found himself in the “jewelry parlor” business. (In today’s vernacular, he’d be called a private jeweler.) 

But when these friends and neighbors came to the Adlers' parlor to buy diamonds, watches, or to have a special item of jewelry designed, they also made a stop in the family kitchen, where Mrs. Adler (aka Mama Adler) always had a pot of coffee on the stove. Needless to say, Maurice Adler was a popular fellow, and his business soon outgrew the parlor and kitchen, so he opened a store in Linden to accommodate what had become a very large following. He expanded his inventory to include fine silver and other gift items while continuing to manufacture diamond and other precious jewelry.

Word of Adlers Jewelers’ quality, service and values spread rapidly and in 1962, business necessitated the opening of a second store in the more upscale town of Westfield, NJ. Among Adler’s many new customers were the children and grandchildren of its original 1921 “parlor and coffee” clientele.

Maurice Adler

Today, Adlers Jewelers has one store, still in the heart of downtown Westfield. It’s a proud member of the American Gem Society. The business is now owned and operated by the third generation of the family, brothers Jeffrey and Andrew Arkin, both GIA Graduate Gemologists, American Gem Society Certified Gemologists, and Registered Jewelers.

Flanked by staff, brothers Andrew (center front left) and Jeffrey Adler (center front right) are the third-generation owners of Adlers Jewelers.

To celebrate the store’s 100th anniversary, customers will find special promotions and savings on bridal and designer jewelry and timepieces throughout the year. The jeweler kicked off the year with a special Tacori bridal event Feb 27 - March 13: Scratch Off For Savings. During the period, every Tacori purchase came with a scratch-off card good for immediate special savings and customers who scheduled an appointment for a Tacori trunk show event (either online or by email) received a Tacori sterling silver bracelet. 

But even nonbridal customers can celebrate every day at Adlers. Just like “Mama Adler,” the jeweler to this day always has a fresh cup of coffee waiting for everyone who visits.

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Thank you so much for the beautiful white gold hoop earrings. They are exactly what I wanted, and I am wearing them every day! I have decided to use the butterfly clasps as you advised.
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By Fiona Manonn on Oct 11th, 2021 at 10:23am

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