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After the Hurricane, the Next Steps for Jewelers October 04, 2022 (0 comments)


New York, NY—Berkley Asset Protection, a specialty insurance provider has provided some tips for jewelers affected by Hurricane Ian, the storm that left a wake of death and destruction through Florida, Georgia and South Carolina.

Berkley Asset Protection says to “always protect your business, your staff and yourself during a hurricane or major storm.” The insurance company adds that once it is deemed safe by authorities to return to your business, “take precaution and follow the following steps:” 

After the Storm: 
1. Survey for damage. Take pictures of any damage to the buildings and their contents.

2. Secure the building to protect it from further damage or looting.

3. Contact your security company and insurance broker or carrier to report damage and receive  advice about next steps.

4. Avoid loose or dangling power lines and report them to the local utility company, police or fire department.

5. Before utilities are returned to service, check for gas leaks, look for electrical system damage and check for sewage and water line damage.

6. Begin salvage operations as soon as possible. Clean debris from roofs and property if safe to do so.

7. Use telephone only for emergency calls.

8. Stay tuned to local radio and the National Weather Service for information.

9. Critique your pre- and post-storm actions to identify strengths and weaknesses and make

necessary modifications to prepare for the next emergency.


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