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Aletto Brothers Showcase Winter-Themed Chalcedony and Onyx Collections October 12, 2023 (0 comments)

Aletto brothers winter piece

Boca Raton, FL--This winter, Aletto Brothers is introducing pieces inspired by the hues of Chalcedony, a crystal known for its white, gray, and bluish tints reminiscent of a gray winter day.

[Image via Aletto Brothers]

The stone's soft colors complement the season's warm fabrics and cashmere knits.

Historically appreciated by Greeks and Native Americans for its emotional clarity and meditative properties, Chalcedony is recognized for opening the heart chakras. 

Aletto Brothers announced in a news release that they have incorporated lace chalcedony into their Icy Tundra bracelet, an 18-piece set combined with gold and diamonds.

Their winter white Marine Link earrings and the intricately carved Fiori Bianco petals, adorned with gold and diamond centers, showcase the crystal's elegance.

In addition, their bright white onyx collection, exemplified by the Inverno bracelet, Aphrodite, and Bella Quercia, offers a sleek contrast ideal for the dropping temperatures.

Whether paired with vibrant colors or a singular shade, Aletto Brothers' winter pieces seek to be standout additions to any jewelry collection, blending seasonal coolness with timeless elegance.

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