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Alleged Influencer-Turned-Thief Sought in Multi-State Jewelry Heists January 24, 2024 (0 comments)


El Cajon, CA--23-year-old Angelina Ordonez is wanted as she's suspected in a string of jewelry thefts across California and potentially in Arizona and Michigan.

[Image via Christian Horz/]

Per a report in KATC, Ordonez allegedly posed as a well-dressed "influencer" to execute a theft of $36,000 in gold necklaces from Daniel's Jewelers in El Cajon. After a staged phone call, she abruptly snatched the jewelry and fled with an accomplice.

Using surveillance technology, authorities identified Ordonez's vehicle and linked her to residences in San Diego and Yuma, Arizona. Similar thefts in Escondido and Carlsbad are also believed to be her work.

The report added that Ordonez was briefly held for shoplifting in Arizona but was released due to inactive theft warrants. While her claims of social media influence are unverified, the focus remains on her involvement in the jewelry heists.

Police urge anyone with information to assist in the ongoing investigation.

Learn more in the KATC report.

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