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ALTR Created Diamonds Earns SCS-007 Certification May 10, 2024 (0 comments)

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Emeryville, CA--SCS Global Services announced in a news release that ALTR Created Diamonds has achieved the SCS-007 Certification Standard for Sustainability Rated Diamonds with a score of 100.

Per the release, the certification means that the company guarantees over 99% accuracy in tracing each diamond's origin from production to sale, ensuring transparency throughout its supply chain.

ALTR adheres to environmental and social responsibility standards, aiming for ethical practices. It has reached a net zero carbon footprint and is working towards reducing its environmental impact in air and water pollutants, ecosystems, and resource bases. The company aims to achieve net zero impacts in at least 50% of these categories.

SCS Global Services stated in the release that the company also invests in projects that support community development and environmental protection.

Read more on the SCS Global Services website.

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