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Atlanta-Based Jewelry Store Closure Creates Uproar Among Clients June 27, 2023 (0 comments)


Dunwoody, GA-- Camelot Jewelers, a long-established jewelry store, has abruptly closed, sparking anger among customers who had entrusted the store with their valuables.

[Image via Camelot Jewelers/Facebook]

According to The U.S. Sun report, a notice on the store's door announced, "We just want to say a big 'Thank You" to all our customers for the last 46 years! We regret to inform you that as of June 16, 2023, our store will be closed, and no new location."

Customers have expressed their discontent through notes on the abandoned store's door and social media posts, critiquing the alleged owner, Mike Pearce, for his lack of transparency about the store's closure.

"I left my chain there on June 9 and the guy told me that it would be a week to 10 days before it would be ready,” noted Tracy Notte, a customer. “I have to believe that they knew when I dropped off my jewelry that they had no intention of returning it." As per the report, Notte later revealed that two boxes from Camelot Jewelers were dropped off at Jewelry Artisans. She stated, "The lady at Artisan said the boxes were a huge mess, no tickets, just jumbled pieces of jewelry and watches, and that there is no way she can find my property for at least a week."

"I understand and sympathize with the myriad of emotions that are going on concerning Camelot's abrupt closing,” stated Jamie Kresl, the owner of Jewelry Artisans, as per the report. “For the record, I have been trying to help Camelot to save their business for the last six months and unfortunately my best efforts to help were of no avail." 

Kresl added that he had been unaware of the closure until after the fact but is currently working with Pearce to return customers' valuables.

Learn more in The U.S. Sun report.

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