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Los Angeles, CA—No matter where the red carpet, whether the lavish celebrations of the Golden Globes and the Screen Actors’ Guild (SAG) or a simple dinner and movie premiere in New York, we’re seeing a recurring theme: a lot of little adds up to very big.
Yes, indeed, we’re seeing the return of the diamond cluster ring. And earring. And necklace. But like any trend that comes back, it’s never quite the same the second time around, so you still might have a tough time unloading those old ‘80s cluster rings hiding in the back of your safe. Or, maybe not—young women think vintage fashion is way cool and, sartorially speaking at least, the '80s have had a comeback. The best part is that the old adage about age-appropriate fashion (“if you wore it the first time, pass on it the second”) does not apply to jewelry! 
Some clusters (of the good kind) that happened at the SAG Awards came from Kwiat, on Anne Hathaway (left) who chose the jeweler’s cluster stud earrings and platinum and diamond stack rings. Actresses Clea Duvall and Jaime Alexander and Glee’s Jenna Ushkowitz piled on the diamonds from Demarco/House of Baguettes, while Duvall also heaped on more from Norman Silverman.

Clea Duvall wore heaps of diamonds from Demarco and Norman Silverman.

The other way to wear the “lots of little adds up to very big” trend, as we saw on First Lady Michelle Obama last week, is an armload of stacked bangles—kind of the steroid version of Hathaway’s diamond and platinum stack rings.

Any way you slice it (or facet it or cab it), clusters add up to a trend jewelers can sell. Diamond clusters seem to reappear every time stones take a hike in price, and with good reason: it all adds up to a big look for less cash. And we all know that stacked rings and bangles are a perfect way to keep the customer feeling comfortable buying a little at a time and coming back for more.

Now, let’s go to the red carpet and see who else wore what:

Actresses Marion Cotillard, Jessica Chastain, Helen Hunt, and Jennifer Lawrence all donned major statement necklaces set in platinum at the 19th Annual SAG Awards.

Jessica Chastain, left, and Helen Hunt, right, wore lots of diamonds set in platinum. As an aside, it's nice to see necklaces come back after last year's noticeable absence of them on the red carpet. Photos: PGI

Actress Allegra Riggio (with actor Jared Harris) went to SAG and the Entertainment Weekly pre-SAG Party wearing Erica Courtney’s 18k gold, diamond, and citrine cabochon ring; 18k gold and diamond Imperial jadeite earrings; and 18k gold, diamond, and color change garnet hoop earrings. Actress Alfre Woodard, nominated for Outstanding Female Actor Performance, wore Courtney’s 18k gold and diamond demantoid Goddess earrings with olive quartz drops and an 18k gold, diamond and zultanite empress ring. The Office actress Kate Flannery wore Courtney’s platinum and diamond amethyst drops on Mary marquis hoops, and a platinum and diamond amethyst Madeline ring.


Allegra Riggio (with Jared Harris of Mad Men) and Alfre Woodard in Erica Courtney.

Forevermark Diamonds had its share of celebrity placements as well. Actress Jenna Fischer of The Office wore a Hannah Martin for Forevermark diamond ring with ideal square Forevermark diamond set in 18k rose gold and Forevermark trademarked The Center of My Universe leverback earrings with Forevermark diamonds set in 18k yellow gold. Extra host Maria Menounos reported live from the red carpet of the SAG Awards wearing Maria Canale for Forevermark deco tassel earrings with cushion Forevermark diamonds set in 18k white gold, Maria Canale for Forevermark deco cuff with Forevermark diamonds set in 18k white gold, and Forevermark marquise shape diamond ring in 18k oxidized gold. Actress Katrina Bowden of 30 Rock wore Maria Canale for Forevermark swing gold ball tassel earrings with Forevermark diamonds set in 18k white gold, and a Forevermark Diamond Line Bracelet with Round Forevermark diamonds set in 18k White Gold.

Actress Elisabeth Moss of Mad Men wore Hoorsenbuhs for Forevermark Phantom cuff with Forevermark diamonds set in 18k white gold, and Forevermark diamond ear studs with 10.49 ctw round diamonds set in 18k white gold.

Jacki Weaver, the Oscar-nominated actress from Silver Linings Playbook, wore Stephen Webster for Zultanite, choosing the designer’s oval hoop earrings and a matching bracelet, both set in 18k white gold with white diamonds, and Zultanite gemstones. She finished the look with an 18k white gold and diamond Fireworks ring from Webster's acclaimed "Murder She Wrote" collection.

Jacki Weaver in Stephen Webster and Julia Stiles in Le Vian.

Actress Julia Stiles wore Le Vian’s 14k white gold and green amethyst earrings (below) with trademarked Vanilla diamonds, and a 14k white gold green amethyst ring with Vanilla and Chocolate diamonds. TV personality Giuliana Rancic wore Le Vian’s 18k white gold ring with Vanilla diamonds.

Morena Baccarin (below left), from Homeland, wore Jacob & Co. jade drop earrings (below right) with more than 53 carats of jade as well as black pearls, orange tourmaline, green garnets, and pink, brown, and white diamonds in a vine motif.


Melissa Rauch of The Big Bang Theory, wore Supreme Jewelry’s sliced tourmaline earrings at the awards.





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