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Brand And Industry News: GemPrint On CSI; Fiera di Vicenza Expands Reach To Latin America December 10, 2014 (0 comments)


Gemprint Debuts on CSI: Las Vegas

New York, NY—The latest version of Gemprint Corp.’s Gemprint instrument made its debut on the CBS hit crime drama, CSI: Las Vegas on the November 23 episode. The episode, titled "Road to Recovery," centers around the mysterious and tragic death of an expensively dressed young woman with a four-carat diamond ring on her hand. With no identification at the scene or fingerprints on file, and no missing persons report filed, the only physical evidence that can lead to her identification is the diamond.

The forensic experts discover that, of all the high tech, expensive, advanced, scientific, crime solving tools available to them, the only one that is capable of solving this mystery is Gemprint. The victim's ring is placed in the Gemprint, and with images and graphics flashing, we learn that the diamond had indeed been Gemprinted and was registered in the international database to the husband of the dead woman. Although there are the requisite twists and turns in the story line, the crime is solved, thanks to the Gemprint technology. 

This episode of CSI is the second time Gemprint has been specifically written into popular crime dramas on TV. Previously, Gemprint was used to solve a crime on Law and OrderClick here to watch a clip from the show.

The instrument seen on CSI: Las Vegas will be available in early 2015. In addition to producing the optical fingerprint of the diamond and its patented registration and recovery system, this model will take high resolution photomicrographs and scientifically measure the light performance of the diamond—loose or mounted—all within minutes. The Gemprint system qualifies for consumer insurance discounts on diamonds that are Gemprinted and registered. For more information, contact or call 888-GEMPRINT.


Panama Diamond Exchange And Fiera di Vicenza Form Partnership

Vicenza, Italy--Fiera di Vicenza, the leading Italian jewelry trade fair organizer, and the Panama Diamond Exchange, have agreed to join forces in the organization of events to promote trade in gems and jewelry in Latin America. A Memorandum of Understanding detailing the two organization's future cooperation was signed December 5 by PDE founding chairman Eli Izhakoff and Fiera di Vicenza president Matteo Marzotto. PDE and Fiera di Vicenza will formulate a strategic plan and conduct a feasibility study for projects that include trade fairs, symposiums, and industry forums, to take place in Panama and promote industry business in a region that includes Mexico, Central America, South America and the islands of the Caribbean. The joint program will begin in 2015.

“This emphasizes that we are not just building offices, but rather an industry. Our goal, through the development of the Latin American gemstone and jewelry trade, is to grow the pie for everyone. As a key industry service provider, Fiera di Vicenza’s contribution can be invaluable,” said Izhakoff, citing Fiera di Vicenza’s role in the luxury jewelry sector.

Marzotto added, “We are keen to be part of Latin America’s future. While we always will be rooted in Italy, Fiera di Vicenza is going international, working with key regional partners to grow and enrich the jewelry business around the world. We, too, are not just selling physical space at trade shows, but rather providing the business with relevant and quality content, so that the buyer and the exhibitor experiences are enriched. We are already doing this in Italy with our new VICENZAORO The Boutique Show format we are launching this January, and with our new Super Show in the United Arab Emirates, VICENZAORO Dubai, a joint venture with the Dubai World Trade Center which will debut in April. For more information, click here.

Separately, for the third year running, Fiera di Vicenza hosted its VICENZAORO European Club at the Dubai International Jewellery Week, which ran from December 3 to the 6 at the Dubai World Trade Centre, below:

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