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Merrick, NY—Here’s some good news for jewelers who wonder if they’ll have to retire when their current Baby Boom-era client base moves off to the nursing home.

According to Engage:Teens, a blog on, brand loyalty is very often passed down from parents to teenagers. And today’s teens also are introducing their want-to-stay-hip parents to their favorite brands.

Whereas parents of the 1970s and 1980s rarely wore the same styles as their teenage children, today’s parents and teens often share a mutual love of well-known brands such as The Gap, Chanel, Nordstrom, or Victoria’s Secret. Parents may be more inclined to introduce their children to luxury brands like Nordstrom or Chanel, while teens help their parents integrate selected finds from fast-fashion chains like Forever 21 into their wardrobes. (The emphasis is on “selected” finds—no teen, then or now, wants her mom to dress like a prom queen.)

But these findings do suggest that today’s teens absolutely can mature into luxury fine jewelry customers, and that the way to their hearts just might be through their parents. The blog suggests brands offer either classic, ageless style that works for both teens and adults (like Chanel or Gap), or segment by age (like Victoria’s Secret’s sub-brand Pink.) Keep your advertising authentic, and offer joint shopping and bonding experiences like mother-daughter (or father-daughter) events.

Read the entire blog here.

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