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Brand News: Forevermark Makes Neiman’s Ultimate Fantasy Gift, Ritani Praised on Yahoo!, More October 16, 2013 (0 comments)


Forevermark “Ultimate Diamond Experience” Is Neiman Marcus Christmas Fantasy Gift

New York, NY—Ever year, premier luxury retailer Neiman Marcus publishes its famous “Christmas Book,” a rich wish book of gifts both practical and over-the-top, including at least one one-of-a-kind ultra-fantasy (and ultra-pricey) gift. Past years’ fantasy gifts have included rare automobiles, airplanes, and even custom-bred exotic cats.

This year, one of the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book’s eight fantasy gifts comes courtesy of Forevermark and Maria Canale, designer of the Maria Canale for Forevermark collection at Neiman Marcus. With the purchase of a 25.83 carat rough Forevermark diamond (for a mere $1,850,000) the Forevermark Ultimate Diamond Experience offers the chance to follow the diamond’s remarkable voyage, from its place of discovery to its setting in a bespoke piece jointly designed by Maria Canale and the customer. The finished stone is anticipated to yield a polished diamond of approximately 11 to 13 carats in a cushion, oval, or round shape. (Other shape choices may affect the finished weight.) It is estimated to be F color, VVS1 clarity.

Each Forevermark diamond is inscribed with the Forevermark icon and a unique identification number, but the inscription on this diamond will be particularly special because it will capture several of the diamond’s key identifying elements: the year it was discovered, its rough carat weight, and its polished weight.

The once-in-a-lifetime experience includes a trip for two adults, including two days in London, with a first-class flight, a stay at a five star hotel, and a helicopter tour to De Beers headquarters. Here, the purchaser will receive the 25.83 carat rough diamond, hand-selected by Forevermark experts, and meet with a master diamond craftsman to discuss how he will unleash its hidden brilliance, resulting in a polished gem of approximately 11-13 carats in the shape of their choice.

That evening, the purchaser will receive a private tour of the British Crown Jewels at the Tower of London, followed by dinner in the private Queen’s House with De Beers CEO Philippe Mellier,  Forevermark CEO Stephen Lussier, and designer Maria Canale.

The trip then continues to Johannesburg and Kimberley, South Africa for three days, with a stay at a boutique hotel in Johannesburg and a private charter to Kimberley, the historic home of diamonds in South Africa. Day six is departure to Oranjemund, Namibia, the birthplace of the 25.83 carat rough diamond, and a tour of the ship where the 25.83 rough carat diamond was mined and a chance to see how diamonds from the seabed at depths of 300 to 450 feet are discovered. Day seven continues to Windhoek, Namibia to see how rough diamonds are sorted and selected before manufacturing. In Windhoek, the trip includes a visit to a children’s education development project, supported by De Beers group of companies’ Namdeb Foundation, and a chance to see first-hand the benefits Forevermark diamonds have brought to the local community.

Days eight through 10 are spent at Tswalu, a luxury lodge in South Africa which actively conducts conservation work and is owned by the Oppenheimer family. Following twonights at Tswalu, the purchaser will first class from Johannesburg to New York City to meet with world-renowned designer Maria Canale at her showroom in New York City, designing the piece of jewelry to feature the Forevermark diamond. Finally, a hardcover book featuring highlights of the trip will be created and presented to the purchaser.

For additional information click here.


Ritani’s “Clicks and Mortar” Model Gets Big Write-Up on Yahoo! Small Business Advisor

New York, NY—Ritani’s new “clicks and mortar” concept that debuted earlier this year, has caught the eye—and approval—of not only Wall Street but also the mainstream business press.

This article on Yahoo! Small Business Advisor says that while 90% of engagement ring shoppers begin online, only 10% complete the sale there, and details how Ritani is tapping into that wealth of consumers with its tie-ins to local retail partners.

According to the article, the brand now has 125 participating retailers. Retailers interviewed by The Centurion at the launch event in Las Vegas earlier this year all said they love the “try before you buy” concept of tying in the online experience to a trusted prestige jeweler.

Read the Yahoo! article here.


Heather Moore Offers Holiday Sweepstakes

Cleveland, OH—Designer Heather Moore has launched a special sweepstakes for consumers to win a holiday necklace (pictured left) and a $1500 Heather Moore Jewelry gift card. Consumers may enter one of two ways; either online on the Heather Moore website, or by visiting a participating Heather Moore retailer and filling out a store-specific entry card. Two entries per day are permitted.

The necklace has a 24” yellow gold chain, a lapis and gold “Harriet” pendant, and a gold snowflake charm and gold key charm. Total retail value of the necklace, approximately $3,245; the $1,500 gift card is additional. The winner will be chosen on or about November 11 and will be notified via email.


Lagos Sample Sale Makes TV News

Philadelphia, PA—Once a year, Steven Lagos opens his factory showroom here for a 50% off sample sale. It’s a big event in his hometown, with women lining up starting at 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday to get a number to go in and shop. The sale will be held over this weekend and next weekend as well. The designer and a few customers were interviewed on Channel 6 Action News, the ABC-TV affiliate in Philadelphia. Watch here.


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