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Brand News From Sarine, Forevermark, And Chow Tai Fook November 22, 2016 (0 comments)


Sarine Announces Automated Clarity Grading and Sorting; Color Also In Works

Hod Hasharon, Israel—Sarine Techologies Ltd announces new technology that will provide automated, objective, and consistent clarity measurement and grading for the diamond industry.

The new technology, currently undergoing large-scale testing in India, is a computerized methodology for grading the clarity of a polished diamond. The technology is expected to simplify, expedite and refine the process of clarity grading, similar to how Sarine’s Axiom and DiaMension system (shown left) did for cut measurement and grading.

Sarine’s clarity measurement and grading technology provides accurate and objective mapping of the polished diamond’s inclusions and flaws. It then applies a predefined set of rules and algorithms to derive the appropriate clarity grade, using the generally accepted standards of clarity grading terminology. Finally, within the assigned clarity grade, the diamonds are further sorted into sub-categories according to pre-defined criteria, which will allow diamond manufacturers and traders to ensure that each individual stone is optimally valued for its ideal sales market (i.e. with or without black inclusions, with or without inclusions under the table, and so forth). The tool optimizes the sorting and sourcing process, and enhances confidence in each individual diamond’s valuation throughout the entire downstream pipeline to the end consumer.

Sarine also has developed a parallel new advanced computerized color evaluation technology. It too is currently being tested in India. Sarine expects both systems to become commercially available towards the middle of 2017. The clarity technology can handle polished stones from two points to 10 carats; the color system initially will be limited to polished stones of 20 points or larger, though subsequent models will encompass a range similar to the clarity technology.

Users—including manufacturers, gem labs, and downstream players—will be able to either buy the equipment with an ongoing usage fee, or make use of Sarine service centers.

Sarine CEO Uzi Levami said, "We believe the new clarity technology is a first, being a more objective Clarity grading methodology than any other currently in use, with follow-on optional automated sorting, in accordance with pre-defined user-specific parameters. Along with our color grading technology, we believe gem labs and manufacturers will be able to further optimize the way the downstream industry handles polished diamond classification, evaluation, sorting and sourcing.”


Forevermark Unveils Black Label Collection

New York, NY—Forevermark launched its Black Label Collection last week at a private cocktail event in New York City. The brand also unveiled its collaboration with artist Angie Crabtree, who magnified the beauty of the Black Label Collection by painting the diamond facets enlarged 1,000+ times on four custom wrapped canvases in each diamond shape represented by the collection.

Forevermark US president Charles Stanley with artist Angie Crabtree and one of her diamond paintings.

Along with industry trade press and other leaders, celebrities including television personality Olivia Culpo, model Rachel Hilbert and blog influencers Danielle Bernstein of We Wore What and Arielle Nachmani of Something Navy attended the event. 

Above: Olivia Culpo, left, and Rachel Hilbert, right. Below top, Danielle Bernstein and Lo Bosworth, below bottom, Arielle Nachmani.

Charles Stanley, president of Forevermark US said, “In our constant pursuit of absolute beauty, we are proud to unveil this new exclusive range of diamonds. Angie Crabtree was the ideal artist to collaborate with on the launch of Forevermark Black Label. The artistic realism in her work allowed her to flawlessly capture the perfect symmetry and unrivalled sparkle of the diamonds in her paintings.”

“The very first diamond I ever painted was inspired by [De Beers’] classic slogan “A Diamond is Forever,” so our collaboration feels perfect. I’ve really enjoyed creating these pieces because their Black Label Diamonds have the most unique designs I have ever painted,” Crabtree said, noting it was the first time she’s used custom shaped canvases.


Chow Tai Fook Bows First USA Outlet Under Own Name

Flushing, NY—Chow Tai Fook, the Hong Kong-based mega-retailer and owner of Hearts On Fire, is dipping a toe into U.S. retail. While the company already has several retail outlets here under the Hearts On Fire banner, a branded shop that opened last week inside a Macy’s store in Flushing, NY, marks the first time the retailer is selling under its own marquee in the United States.

With more than 2,100 shops in Hong Kong and Macau, Chow Tai Fook has almost as large a footprint there as the brands of Sterling Jewelers have in North America.

A Chow Tai Fook store in Shenzen, China.

Whether CTF is likely to edge its way onto American soil beyond one initial shop in a heavily Chinese neighborhood is yet to be seen; executives say they will wait for feedback from the first foray before making any further decisions, although expanding the company’s footprint abroad is one of its stated goals. Managing director Kent Wong in July told Bloomberg the firm’s bigger goal is here is wholesale—getting Chow Tai Fook diamond merchandise into existing fine jewelry stores.

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