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Break Out The Videocam! YouTube Is Gen-Z’s Entertainment Of Choice June 23, 2015 (0 comments)


New York, NY—While most retailers are still baffled about how to capture the hearts and minds of Millennials, their younger siblings—dubbed Generation Z at the moment (to Millennials’ Gen-Y)—are not far behind. The leading edge of Gen-Z is now 19, certainly old enough to wield some spending power of its own, not to mention approaching the key bridal jewelry demographic.

To start getting your name in front of this crowd early, YouTube is the way to go, according to ad agency J. Walter Thompson. A recent article from the agency’s JWIntelligence division says that while the migration of younger generations toward online video has been underway for years, the extent of the shift is surprising.

Research by SONAR, JWT’s proprietary research unit, shows 12- to 19-year-olds are most likely to watch YouTube videos (72%), followed by watching television at home (69%) and playing electronic games (61%) in a typical week. That week was far less likely to include non-screen-based activities such as playing sports (39%), attending club meetings (15%), or attending music concerts (11%).

YouTube holds particular appeal for Gen-Z. JWT’s research found that 70% of this cohort watches at least two hours of YouTube content per day, and 36% of respondents watch four or more hours of YouTube content daily—surpassing the 34% who spend four or more hours watching television.

Jewelers such as Mark Moeller of Minnesota’s RF Moeller have been tapping into the power of video for years, especially for targeting bridal consumers.

Forevermark, De Beers’ proprietary diamond brand, also is a strong believer in online video, and even legendary Kansas City jeweler Tivol took its trademark humorous advertising to online video with a hilarious tale of Cathy Tivol switching places with a local barbecue restaurant owner.

YouTube compares favorably with both traditional media and social media in most-watched hours among the Gen-Z cohort.

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