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Breakiron Jewelers to Close After 59 Years November 13, 2023 (0 comments)


Erie, PA--After 59 years, Breakiron Jewelers at 4026 Pine Ave. is closing its doors for good due to the retirement of second-generation owner Linda Breakiron.

Before closing for good, the store will hold a liquidation sale with 70% off all merchandise.

Linda’s parents, Bill and Jackie Breakiron, opened the store in 1964. According to family legend, the opening of the business was decided with a vote, with all four Breakiron children included in the process. The store became a landmark and a trusted family business. From an early age. Linda would sit on a showcase and greet customers. As she grew up, she took on other tasks like stocking shelves, helping customers, jewelry buying, becoming GIA Certified and managing Breakiron Jewelers. Linda would eventually purchase the store.

Linda describes herself as a sentimental, romantic person who has enjoyed helping people find exactly the right jewelry item for their special moments. She recalled one such moment, saying, “We had one woman who looked at a diamond and she jumped up and down with joy,” Linda said. “This was somebody who needed help finding exactly what she wanted, and we found it for her. When you can make a personal connection like that, whether someone is hurting or happy or excited, it’s a blessing.”

Linda expressed gratitude for her team and the fun, laughter and hugs they’ve shared over the years; as well as the community’s support, from support for herself as a woman entrepreneur to the loyalty shown by generations of families shopping at Breakiron Jewelers for their special occasions.

Linda belongs to Athena Powerlink, a local women’s business group, and has been involved in many fundraising efforts for the community over the years including working with the Rotary Club and American Cancer Society. She even participated in a local Dancing With the Stars fundraiser to benefit a charity, which she won.

Linda said she plans on spending time with her family and exploring interests like hiking and traveling.

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