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Gold and Smoke Looking For Retail Partners For Its ‘Bulletproof’ Jewels November 13, 2023 (0 comments)


Denver, CO--Gold and Smoke is a jewelry company that repurposes flattened bullets shot against a steel target, casting them into exceptional 18k gold and oxidized sterling silver, and adding diamonds and precious gemstones, creating a vast selection of gender-neutral jewelry.

The company's tagline, “You Are Bulletproof,” refers to the use of bullets as the focal point of the majority of their designs, while simultaneously offering powerful messaging, “a talisman of empowerment, a reflection of our own evolution of strength, courage and resilience.”

Founders, husband and wife team, Kelly Selcer and Manos Phoundoulakis are actively seeking partnerships with retailers who appreciate the essence of their jewelry. Their mission is to expand their reach and share their empowering creations with a wider audience. If you're a retailer seeking truly unique, high-quality jewelry that accompanies a positive message, this is an opportunity to collaborate with a brand that embodies elegance and empowerment.

To learn more about Gold and Smoke and explore their collection, visit For partnership inquiries or to schedule a meeting, please contact Manos or Kelly at

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