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Bremer Jewelry Catches up on the Oval Solitaire Engagement Ring Trend August 17, 2022 (0 comments)

Oval engagement rings

Peoria, IL--Bremer Jewelry is catching up on the 2022 jewelry trend with the oval solitaire. 

[Image source: Bremer Jewelry/Facebook]

The family-owned jewelry store asked its followers in a Facebook post whether they knew if the oval solitaire was the "most popular engagement ring" this year.

The store also asked viewers to try on their collection of trendy engagement rings if they love the trend as much as they are.

Oval solitaire rings have been trending for the past year or so, thanks to the many celebrities sporting them publicly. The ring was also seen in a Kardashian wedding.

Vogue notes that "oval engagement rings" was the top-searched ring cut over the past five years. 

Read more on the rising trend of oval engagement rings in the entire Vogue post.

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