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Bremer Jewelry Introduces ‘Linked Forever’ Permanent Jewelry Line June 28, 2024 (0 comments)


Bloomington, IL--Bremer Jewelry announced on Facebook that it has introduced 'Linked Forever,' a new line of permanent jewelry.

[Image via Bremer Jewelry/Facebook]

According to their website, this collection features claspless chains welded around the wrist by Bremer associates, creating a custom-sized, permanent accessory.

The process, described as painless, secures the bracelet directly on the wrist. It's designed to mark significant relationships or events with a permanent token. Bremer also offers a clasped alternative for those requiring a removable option.

The 'Linked Forever' collection includes yellow gold models starting at $24 per inch and sterling silver items starting at $3 per inch.

Customers start by booking an appointment online on their website. The chain is then fitted and welded on the spot.

Check out their Facebook post.

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